Hello Weblogs! Being an amateur on blogs from Philippines (Proud to be a Pinoy Blogger), allow me to introduce myself, a simple family man who is now eager to join in this World of Weblogs. I am actually quite interesting now on this World of Blogs which I consider as a new endeavor. Hopefully, I can eventually share my expertise to future Bloggers.

I am seeing your eyes looking around and your smiley icon with a big question mark ? about my Blog's Name “”. It is simply means “Whatever, Wherever, Whenever” you may rely on my site to see any NEW TREND, LATEST, POPULAR, TOP and UPDATE, etc. in World News, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Politics, Weather and in all fields of communication to people.

To ALL Bloggers, I PRAY that we will always succeed on this WORLD OF WEB LOG!!!


If you have something wanted to post on (whateverwhereverwhenever) or any comments, then send it to email at:
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