Sunday, February 28

Chile's Earthquake is the BIGGEST in this Century

The largest earthquake since records began, or about the tsunami that hit Hawaii in 1960 this is the surface of earth to be. The vast earthquake in Chile that struck last February 27 with an 8.8 magnitude was the biggest to hit in the Pacific Region in almost 50 years. As the tragedy becomes known to the outside world, it seems that the nation has been very badly affected by the massive earthquake that shook the country.

The massive quake plunged much of the Chilean capital, Santiago, into darkness as it snapped power lines, toppling buildings, and bridges and severed communications, and trigerring a TSUNAMI threatening to roar across the Pacific Ocean.

Chile Earthquake 1960

You know that the largest quake of all time was expereinced on May of 1960 and was also in Chile. The magnitude was measured about 9.5 and its annihilating effects included a tsunami that was hit Hawaii at about 15 hours later. And that huge earthquake killed 1,655 people and left 2 million people without homes. About $550 million is a cost of Damage as per assessment.

This magnitude 9.5 earthquake is the strongest ever recorded. Severe ground shaking caused massive damage and generated a tsunami with waves as high as 38 feet. It caused hundreds of deaths in Chile, Hawaii, Japan and the Phillippines.

In Hawaii was smashed by a 35 foot high waves destroying about 500 homes and businesses, and estimated cost damage was raised at about $75 million and 61 people died. This tsunami was also hit Japan where 138 people died, and battered the Philippines, killing 32.
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