Tuesday, March 23

Alexis Pilkington A High School Soccer Player Died At Field

According to report, Alexis Pilkington, died at the age of 17-year-old who is high school soccer star of the All Country West Islip Girls Team during an NCAA Division IA Football Championship match. On the report, Alexis was collapsed during the game, and the cause of her death is still under investigation.

Alexis Pilkington's friends call her "Lexi" who was the aspiring to be a soccer superstar. Pilkington's teammates were all shocked with what happened. The director of the West Islip Athletic office - "Tim Horan",said Alexis’ death came as a surprise and everybody who knew her were devastated.

Lexi was working her way to getting a scholarship grant for her stury in college by her talent and abilities in the soccer career. Unfortunately, her dream was shattered because of her untimely death.
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