Wednesday, March 10

Annie Leonard and The Story of Stuff

New book out called by Annie Leonard - A story of how our obsession with stuff is trashing the planet, our communities, and our health - and a vision for change. Including on the stories is a Nigerians resisting oil extraction, garment workers in Haiti

The Story Of Stuff goes into detail sbout the Problems with possessions has made a big impact on audiences worldwide which been viewed over 10 million times, showing we're as fascinated by learning about our Stuff as we are with the items themselves.

Story is fun and idea-clarifying animations lays out how stuff is made, distributed and discarded - the take-make-waste cycled as authored Annie Leonard calls it.
It sums up our processes and problems in a smart, tidy package that has been a source of controversy as well as an educational tool for teachers. However, there's a lot that can't be included in a 20-minute video, which lead Leonard to create her own piece of Stuff - a new book that crams in an incredible amount of information about our. Read More.
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