Saturday, March 13

The EVENT Weigh-In - Manny Pacquiao versus Joshua Clottey

Wight-In Results for Pacquiao and Clottey Bouts:

Manny Pacquiao 145¾
Joshua Clottey 147

"Manny Pacquiao won’t put on much at all. He can’t gain much more” said Coach Roach, who expects his righter to come into the ring weighing no more than 148 or 149. Clottey, on the other hand, is a natural welterweight who has made no secret of his intent to come in ‘big’ for the megabout, and Roach fully expects his fighter to be facing a full-fledged super-middleweight by the time the bell rings.

Crowds yelling and chants "Pacquiao!" at the Cowboys Stadium outdoor stage where the two fighters weighed in Friday for Saturday night's WBO welterweight title bout, challenger Clottey briefly mouthed "Manny!" himself.

Weights are in for “The Event,” advertised by Manny Pacquiao’s defense of the WBO Welterweight Championship against Joshua Clottey.

It is so interesting Josua Clottey's confidence. Cornerman of Clottey said to Fredie Roach on stage that, "If our two corners were fighting, we'd kick your rear." When Pacquiao stepped a bit too close to the edge of the stage, Clottey's beefy cook, known as "Alligator," playfully acted as if he'd provide a little shove to ensure Pacquiao would fall off.

Pacquiao's entourage brought to stage just about outnumbered everyone on stage. In his fight like this, he seems to add five new people to his camp.

Clottey offered to shake his hand, and they posed more like casual friends than opponents. Pacquiao never once looked Clottey in the eyes until time to stare down, at which point both broke out laughing from coming too close. Pacquiao gave the “shush” sign to the fans. When they stared down again, Pacquiao again broke into smiles and turned away.
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