Monday, March 1

Exigency Steps in Chile after Huge Earthquake

President Bachelet declared a curfew (9 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew for all non-emergency workers) and gave military control over security in the provinces of Concepcion and Maule. And announced emergency measures on Sunday in places of country that were damaged by the vast 8.8 magnitude earthquake with a Death Toll that surpassed 700 people and about 500,000 thousands homes were damaged.

Chile demands field doctors and hospitals, and temporary bridges, water purification plants and damage assessment experts.

As per Foreign Affairs officials, roughly estimate 5,000 Canadians live in Chile with about 1,000 in the area hit by the earthquake. Officials said on Sunday a call centre has fielded 4,000 phone calls regarding 485 Canadians and about 230 of these people have been located, with 254 unaccounted for.Read More >>>
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