Sunday, March 21

Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray Nailed

WE reveal the dynamite documents prosecutors believe will put Michael Jackson's doctor behind bars.

They make up the official ambulance report that paramedics called to treat the stricken superstar filled out on the day he died.

The sensational evidence, published exclusively today by the News of the World, could be a hammer blow to the case of Dr Conrad Murray, charged with involuntary manslaughter over Jacko's death.

The bombshell Emergency Medical Service Report states:

Murray FAILED to inform paramedics that he had given the singer a dose of Propofol, the anaesthetic drug that coroners ruled killed the King Of Pop.

Jackson had already FLAT-LINED (no heart activity) by the time they arrived and after two rounds of heart revival drugs failed he was declared dead at the scene.

As senior medic there Murray nevertheless insisted Jacko be taken to hospital and DEMANDED a third round of drugs which also failed.

Insiders say the document also paves the way for Jackson's father Joe to launch a "wrongful death" lawsuit against Murray, who continues to practise in Houston, Texas.
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