Wednesday, March 31

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Security Forces To Arrest Bombing Militants As Ordered By President Vladimir Putin.

Last Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered security forces to hunt down the organisers of the Metro Subway Station bombings that killed 39.

“But it is now a matter of honour for the security forces to scrape them out from the bottom of the sewers and bring them out into the light of day.” “This will be done,” he added. Putin’s language was strikingly reminiscent of his famous promise in 1999 to strike at rebels even in the “outhouse” which heralded the adoption of tougher tactics by the authorities against Chechen militants. Those comments, made while Putin was prime minister under then president Boris Yeltsin, were seen as instrumental in projecting a tough-guy image that would catapult him to become Russia’s number one.

The two (2) female bombers blew themselves on the attacks in Moscow's Metro Metro Subway Stations whose their body fragments scattered across the two (2) stations. Authorities have linked the attacks to militant groups in Russia’s largely Muslim North Caucasus.

Russia Flags flew at half mast on Government Buildings and television channels cancelled entertainment programmes. “We know that they (the organisers) are lying low,” Putin said in comments broadcast on state television.
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