Friday, March 5

Pentagon Shooting - The Unsolved Mysteries - Suspect Dies

alt="PentagonPrincipal Suspect on Pentagon Shooting dies because of his serious injuries which he recived in gun fire exchange with police. John PatrickJohn Patrick Bedell, the sole suspect was having two 9mm pistols with several magazines of ammunation. Police found more ammunation in his car, Cheif Keevil ( Pantagon Police Cheif ) said. Death of primary suspect of Pantagon Shooting left mystries unsolved. it cannot be confirmed that there is any domestic or international connection of Mr. Bedell with terrorist, because he was appeard alone in Pantagon fire unsolved.

The suspect "Mr. Bedell" started shotting on two police officers with his handgun and police officers Jeffery Amos and Marvin Carraway shot back and Mr. Bedell was hit in head and tricep he was taken to the Washington Universty Hospital but he died due to his injuries at 10p.m on Thursday.

Shooting at the Pentagon

alt="AirARLINGTON, Va. - FOX 5 has learned that three people have been injured in a shooting outside the entrance to the Pentagon Metro station.
The Pentagon imposed a security lockdown Thursday following a reported shooting incident in the metro station that serves the US military headquarters.
"The Pentagon is in lockdown due to an incident at the metro station," said a Pentagon spokesman, declining to elaborate.
Metro officials confirm the shooting took place outside the entrance to the Metro station. An announcement was made to passengers for them not to exit at the Pentagon Metro entrance because it is closed.
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