Tuesday, March 30

Shooting in Washington D.C.: Three (3) Dead As Reported

Photo: Chief Cathy Lanier, blue jacket, second from left, and other police attend to the scene of a multiple shooting with fatalities on South Capitol Street in Southeast Washington, March 30, 2010. (AP/Washington Post)

Washington D.C. (AP) - D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Arrest 3, found one (1) Gun. Shooters had no motive, the Washington Post reported that police pursued a van from the scene, aided by a helicopter. Four police officers were slightly injured during a pursuit of a suspect's vehicle.

According to report from D.C. Metropolitan Police officers, they responded to the 4000 block of South Capitol Street SE after a 911 call came in at 7.27 p.m. local time. Shootings of six men and three women happened at South Eastern Washington. The Fire Department spokesman Pete Piringer says all the victims were in their 20s and 30s, except for one teenager.

The shooting killed three (3) people. One shooting victim died at the scene, one was dead on arrival at the hospital, and the third died in the operating room, said Carolyn Hammond, spokeswoman for Washington Hospital Center.
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