Saturday, April 24

'Big Brother' Houseguest "Matt McDonald" Arrested for Assault

Former Big Brother US contestant Matt McDonald has been arrested over the weekend for allegedly beating up his pregnant girlfriend, according to multiple US tabloid reports.

According to report, Matt McDonald, a.k.a Matty as houseguest in a US Big Brother Season 9 was arrested in Boston and charged with assault and battery after his pregnant girlfriend told police that McDonald beat her and strangled her during an argument. The couple were having an argument over allegations of infidelity.

As per report in, Matty was arrested after his girlfriend showed up at a Boston police station to file a complaint against the reality TV star, claiming he accused her of infidelity and viciously attacked her, even when he knew that she was 8 weeks pregnant with his baby.

Alissa, who is believed to be McDonald’s girlfriend and is 8 weeks pregnant with his baby, claims the reality TV star strangled her, kicked her and threatened to kill her father if the cops were called.

McDonald was charged with assault and battery and aggravated assault as his girlfriend is with child.

On Tuesday, McDonald pleaded not guilty to the charges in a Charleston District Court.
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