Monday, April 26

BlackBerry New Features: Voice-Over-Wi-Fi Service

As per media report on Tuesday, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has updated its Mobile Voice System (MVS) to allow telephony over Wi-Fi.

Its update is for the users to operate to operate both office phones and mobile phones through a single number and, when connected to a wireless network, make calls via Wi-Fi.

Alan Panezic RIM vice president of platform product management says "BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 effectively provides a wireless extension of the corporate phone system to allow voice over Wi-Fi calling at work, public hotspots and home."

A senior research analyst at IDC, Ramon T. Llamas said that "If you're an enterprise user and go from campus to campus and have WiFi connectivity between campuses, you'll save a lot of minutes.". The WiFi feature could be favorably received by businesses.

Added to the features of Blackberry aside from telephony over Wi-Fi, it is also allows the users to prioritise either Wi-Fi or cellular network calls, control which Wi-Fi networks an employee handset can access and create incoming call filters.
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