Thursday, April 8

Death Toll From Rio Storm Rises To 175

Mayor of Niteroi, Jorge Roberto Silveira, declared a state of calamity on Thursday. The entire Rio de Janeiro state has been in official mourning since Tuesday.

The severe floods and muslides caused by the storm have injured 161 people and left some 15,000 people homeless. About 3,200 homeless were taken to shelters in churches and schools.

This storm which has caused severe damage to Rio de Janeiro state since Monday has killed 175 people, the local fire department said Thursday.

According to the Rio's Fire Department, 100 died were from the city of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro's metro area and the death toll might rise. The Morro do Bumba area, which has about 200 inhabitants, was hit by mudslides, but rescue teams only found 13 bodies and 60 people alive.

Colonel Paulo Machado, head of the fire department said that "It is very hard to find survivors in such mudslides. But hope is still there, and we will keep on working with hope."
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