Tuesday, April 20

Gang Starr DJ Premier Dies: Guru Dead At 43

As per media, the legendary member of iconic hip hop group Gang Starr with DJ Premier dies after a health battle surrounded by chaotic publicity and rumors. Guru of Gang Starr fame has died of cancer at age 43.

Rumors around many websites that are reporting about Guru Death, many citing cancer and pointing to a final note left to fans. We are unable to provide direct links or more information, as we are posting while in transit, but did not want to miss the opportunity to express our personal and professional condolences.

Guru whose given name is Keith Elam, passed away yesterday (April 19) after a year-and-a-half long battle. The beloved rapper, who formed Gang Starr in 1985, suffered a heart attack on February 28 then slipped into a coma.
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