Friday, April 30

Greek Economy Minister: Greek Economic Crisis Is Tough, But It Is Open and Greece Can Win It

Greek Economy Minister Louka Katseli says the bet to solve the Greek economic crisis is tough, but it is open and Greece can win it, despite the opposite projections by foreign analysts.

According to the Economist in Athens, Katseli in the 14th Roundtable with the Greek government, expressing the Greek government's determination to proceed quickly on the implementation of the necessary drastic reforms to cut a big budget deficit that has spread anxiety beyond borders and restart growth. He announced that the new bill on development will be ready by this June and Greece will focus on a strategy to boost growth.

Katseli added that "We are called upon today to achieve an unprecedented fiscal adjustment in the following years, saving more than 25 billion euros (33.1 billion U.S. dollars) maintaining social cohesion at the same time and focusing on development." The renewable energy sources and a strong shipping industry, she noted that despite the negative climate there is still a strong interest by foreign investors who seek opportunities in the midst of the crisis. She is referring to the advantages of Greece with their geographical position.

She presented the government's strategy on boosting growth the following months, focusing on the simplification of procedures to establish businesses, on the better management of Greek public and European funds and the support of the market.
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