Sunday, April 4

Identity of Second Female Bomber Struck Moscow Unveiled

According to Russian Media, 20-year-old Markha Ustarkha-nova from Chechnya, was named by the news agency, Kommersant. She was the widow of a militant leader killed last October while preparing to assassinate Kremlin-backed Chechen President, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Ealier the russian investigators identified the other bomber as a 17-year-old female from the North Caucasus, who was also the widow of a slain Islamist rebel.

In Russia, female suicide bombers from the North Caucasus are referred to as "black widows" because many of them are the wives, or relatives, of militants killed by security forces.

Death toll from Monday's subway bombings climbed up to 40 on Friday, after a man died in the hospital from his injuries.
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