Tuesday, April 13

Indonesian Commercial Airplane Plunges Into River, Injured 20

Police and official reported, a commercial plane carrying 103 passengers skidded off runway and plunged into a river near the airport in Manokwari of West Papua on Tuesday, injuring 20 people.
Source: AFP -- Indonesian soldiers and police examine a Merpati airline Boeing 737 plane after it skidded off the runway on landing in Indonesia's West Papua city of Manokwari. The jet carrying more than 100 passengers skidded off into a shallow river at Rendani domestic airport, injuring some 20 people, according to officials.

As reported through phone of Papua police spokesman "Agus Rianto", the airplane's head sank in the water and its body broke into two pieces.

He added that the Boeing 737 operated by Merpati Airline flew from Sorong to Manokwari and moved over 700 meters from the runway after landing in heavy rain.

According to report, slippery runway was regarded as one of the possible causes of the accident.

The accident happend at 10:50 am local time (0150 GMT) and left left twenty people injured, some seriously according to the director for Air Transport of Transport Ministry Herry Bhakti.
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