Friday, April 9

Is Jason Winters be the 9th husband of Elizabeth Taylor's?

Jason Winters is 49 years old and a businessman and Oscar award-winning actress Elizabeth Taylor at her 78 years old who reported gotten engaged accordong to the source close to the couple.

As reported in site, an insider shared, “It’s no secret that they’ve been together forever and are in love, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they were engaged. Right now they are keeping it between them. She didn’t think she’d fall in love again, but since Jason came into her life that has all changed.”

Elizabeth Tarlor have been married eight (8) times to her ex-husbands, Conrad Hilton (1950-51), Michael Wilding (1952-57), Mike Todd (1957-58), Eddie Fisher (1959-64), Richard Burton (1964-74 and again in 1975-76), Sen. John Warner (1976-82), Larry Fortensky (1991-96)

Taylor has 2 kids with Wilding, one with Todd, and one with Burton.
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