Tuesday, April 27

Lindsay Lohan Out On Her Latest Movie

Based on the popular celebrity website,Troubled Lindsay Lohan has been fired from her latest movie, "The Other Side," as she was not "bankable," the movie's director David Michaels told TMZ.com.

Director Michaels say "Our team simply chose to move on from Lindsay and we'll soon be announcing a replacement." That means Lohan will be out on the movie.

From unnamed sources, the film's investors were worried about having to rely on her. But a different unnamed source told Us weekly that the film's financial troubles had "nothing to do with Lindsay. It was because it was an unknown director. All the major stars in this film dropped out," according to TMZ.

Lindsay Lohas, 23 year-old last seen on the big screen in her 2007 flick "I Know Who Killed Me," and she is also on the Robert Rodriguez-directed movie "Machete."

Lindsay Lohan awakened the media sensation again this week after her estranged father Michael Lohan persuaded a sheriff's deputy to help him enter her Hollywood home to check on the welfare of Lindsay's 16-year-old sister.

Her father warned that he will "pursue any and all appropriate legal action" to prevent her from becoming "another Hollywood statistic" because of alcohol and substance abuse.
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