Wednesday, April 14

Mexico: Five (5) Crew Dead in Cargo Plane Crash

Associated Press -- According to the autorities, a cargo plane crashed into traffic while trying to land overnight in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey, killing all five crew members on board.

As reported by Hector Gonzalez, director of civil aeronautics at the Transportation and Communications Department, in an interview with Mexico's Televisa network, rescuers were trying to determine if a sixth person was killed inside a car that may have been crashed under the plane.

Emergency workers could not immediately confirm a vehicle amid the smoldering wreckage.

Cargo plane "Airbus A300" was crashed on a road leading to the international airport for Mexico's third-largest city. The plane was trying to land in rainy and cloudy conditions at about 11 p.m., said Jorge Camacho, director of civil protection in Nuevo Leon state when accident happened.

Charred and smoking wreckage was spread around a radius of at least 50 meters (164 feet). The nose of the plane and both wings had been torn away from the fusilage and lay in the middle of the two-lane road.
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