Sunday, April 25

Mississippi Hits By Tornado Killesd 10

Yazoo City, Mississippi - A Tornado in nearly a mile wide ripped through the Southeast on Saturday, killing 10 people including three (3) children in Mississippi and injuring more than a dozen others. There are four (4) people in critical condition according to the report. Roofs were torn off businesses, homes were splintered, and roads were blown.

Due to major damage of affected areas, the State's Governor has declared a state of emergency.

It was a terrrifying experience fro those people caught the tornado blows those houses around the areas.

One witness said, ‘‘The roof was caving in, TVs flying off the shelf – anyway, it was horrible, it was just really bad.’‘

This is consider by authorities as the extreme weather system is also strucks the states of Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky.
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