Thursday, April 1

Participate on the Contest: Football Robot Players

BBC News, UK - The Robotic Football Team will play for Scotland to compete against other countries in the Robocup contest in Turkey next year.
Photo: BBC News - Football Robot Player can make sense of their surroundings and react to the movements of other robot players.

These robots that have been developed by academics at Edinburgh University that can make sense of its surroundings and react to other robot players' movements. Dr Sethu Vijayakumar of Edinburgh University's school of informatics, who developed the robots, he said that "Robocup is a key challenge in robotics research.

Other countries are also making robots to enter the competition.

The Android FC (Robot Players) is made up of a two-foot-high striker, defender and goalkeeper, will compete in the contest in Istanbul, Turkey

Robots are being shown at Edinburgh International Science Festival 2010. Each member of the robot team is fully autonomous and has embedded processors.
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