Monday, April 12

A Pilot Error Blamed Why The Polish President's Plane Crash

According to Russian Authorities, it is insisted that a pilot error why plane crash. The "black box" flight recorders had been recovered from the crash site in good condition said by Russian Minister of Transport, Igor Levitin.

As statement of Igor Levitin during the meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, there is now a group in Russia, Moscow begun decoding of the recorders, and he added that "the quality of the recording is good, and there is every chance that we will be able to gain all information about the flight". All the deciphering work is being done in collaboration with Polish officials.

Accoridng to the Deputy Chief of the Russian Air Force's general staff "Alexander Alyoshin, the pilot had ignored several orders from air-traffic control not to land at Smolensk because of thick fog. "The head of the air-traffic control group gave a command to the crew to put the aircraft into the horizontal position, and when the crew did not implement this order, several times gave orders to divert to an alternative airport.

"Despite this, the crew continued the descent. Unfortunately this ended in tragedy."
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