Thursday, April 15

Quarterly Profit of Google Falls Short Of Some Estimates

Google profit rose nearly 37 percent in the first quarter of this year, slightly better than consensus estimate but falling short of some analysts' higher expectations as reported by Google Inc. on Thursday.

First quarter ended on March 31,Google earned 1.96 billion U.S. dollars or 6.06 dollars a share, compared with 1.42 billion dollars or 4.49 dollars a share in the year-ago period.

Earnings a share was 6.76 dollars excluding some costs. still, estimates mpiled by Bloomberg were as high as 6.91 dollars.

Revenue in the quarter was 6.78 billion dollars of internet company which an increase of 23 percent from a year earlier. Paid clicks to ads on Google and partners' sites rose 15 percent year- on-year and increased 5 percent over the fourth quarter of 2009.
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