Wednesday, April 14

Robotnaut2 (Made by GM) to space To Be Launched By NASA

Photo - Xinhua/Reuters: A pair of next generation dexterous humanoid robots named Robonaut2 are seen in this NASA handout picture taken July 28, 2009, and released to Reuters April 14, 2010.

As per report on General Motors' website, NASA is sending a human-like robot made jointly with General Motors Co. (GM) to the International Space Station this fall.

Robonaut2 is a 300-pound robot that will be used to test the effects of weightlessness as part of a plan to develop a robot that can work alongside astronauts and workers in GM plants.

The 300 lbs Robot will develop a next-generation robot that could improve safety in vehicles, factories and space.

According to said John Olson, director of NASA's Exploration Systems Integration Office, "the use of R2 on the space station is just the beginning of a quickening pace between human and robotic exploration of space," and "the partnership of humans and robots will be critical to opening up the solar system and will allow us to go farther and achieve more than we can probably even imagine today."

Robonaut2 is scheduled to lunch in September on the space shuttle Discovery as part of the STS-133 mission and will become a permanent part of the space station.

This robot can replace the current version, built 10 years ago by NASA's Johnson Space Center and the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.
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