Sunday, April 25

Russia Launches U.S. Telecommunications Satellite "AMC-4R"

According to spokesman of Russian Space Forces "Alexei Zolotukhin", a Russian Proton-M rocket carrying an AMC-4R telecommunications satellite blasts off last Saturday from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Zolotukhin said that the Proton-M rocket whicj blasted off from the Kazakh Baikonur cosmodrome at around 03:19 p.m. Moscow time (1119 GMT), sent the U.S. SES-1 satellite into space.

From time of lunch and in about nine (9) hours later, the US satellite telecom separated from Briz-M booster and reached its designated geostationary orbit at the position of 101 degrees West.

The telecommunication sattelite has design with a life service of about 15 years in space. It was developed and completed by the U.S. Orbital Sciences Corporation, and has a weightof 2.6-ton and belongs to SES World Skies.

SES-1 Sattelite wil be on service for digital television for customers in the United States and the Caribbean regions.
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