Tuesday, April 27

Weighting Less Than Newborn Baby: Smallest Horse In The World

The smallest horse, Einstein, which is just 14 inches high and weighs only an incredible 6 pounds. He is from Barnstead, New Hampshire and his co-owner Rachel Wagner says he does not show any signs of dwarfism.

According to Wagner, Guinness World Record for a smallest horse was previously listed has a weight of nine (9) pounds, however the old record-holder did show signs of dwarfism. The tinyness of Einstein was a point of humor when he was born. He was so small that his breeders did not think he was alive. He has one of those “new” horse titles of “mini-mini”. He is proportioned correctly, just like a “normal” horse would be.

Einstein is a little horse like Thumbellina which is competing to be smallest horse in the world and is seventeen and half inches tall. She was born at Goose Creek Farms, Missouri. When she was born she was eight and half pounds and ten inches tall. She had health problems, but was helped to have normal health later on in life. Her first house was a dog house.

Thumbellina has her own web site at worldssmallesthorse dot com. It is hopeful that Thumbellina will want to share this site since she is now second in smallness.
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