Sunday, April 25

Sony Dash: A New Gadget

Sony introduce a new gadget for you favorite parts of the internet at a glance. You can now listen through internet you favorite radio or MP3s by way of built-in speakers or the headphone jack. View photos and videos via USB or from online services such as Photobucket® and YouTube™. Also equipped with a clock, you can wake up to your favorite apps, music or built-in alarm sounds.

Sony Dash can streanline the internet life and display only the information and entertainment of your choices. Choose from over 1,000 apps to access your social network accounts, get up-to-the-minute traffic, weather and news reports, view the latest sports scores, stock info and more—from virtually anywhere in your home.

The Dash is available for pre-order but wasn't supposed to hit retail until April 29th, It is already on the shelf.
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