Wednesday, April 7

Storm in Southeastern Brazil At Least 95 People Died

RIO DE JANEIRO -- According to authorities, there are about 95 people died, 106 were injured and 1,410 were left homeless in a storm that devastated Brazil's SE state of Rio de Janeiro since Monday evening.
The caused of the deaths are mostly due to mudslides as as many shantytowns, where the poorer population lives, are located on hills.

Most likely the death toll may rise in the next few hours because of the some people are remain missing.

Raining in the region happens in less than 24 hours which the rainfall reaches 288 millimeters, and as said by the Eduardo Paes (Mayor of the state's capital city Rio de Janeiro), its surpassed the previous record of 245 millimeters registered in 1966.

Rivers and streams overflowed, flooding over 60 areas.
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