Monday, April 26

Suicide Attack: British Ambassador to Yemen Survive

According to report of a security official of Interior Ministry, the British ambassador to Yemen Tim Torlot survived a suicide attack suspected to be launched by al- Qaida that targeted his convoy in Sanaa on Monday.

Authority said that the bomber ignited the explosive carried with him when the convey of British ambassador was passing by, but Torlot was unharmed as the explosion was small. Yemeni Interior Ministry said al-Qaida was behind the attack.

An investigation is underway and the police has collected the body of the suicide bomber and tried to identify him by making a DNA identification test according to the source of information.

Security official added that Al-Qaida has not issued any statement to claim responsibility of the attack till now. Bu the attack was "their old tactics."

After the attack, the British embassy is shut down.

On January 3, Britain and the United States announced that their embassies in Yemen temporarily closed due to threats of the "al-Qaida branch of the Arabian peninsula."
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