Monday, April 26

Taiwan Struck By 6.5-Magnitude Earthquake

Another country hits by an earthquake with 6.5-magnitude at Southeast Coast of Taiwan. According to the reports from U.S. Geological Survey. Initially, the earthquake has a magnitude of 6.9, but was then brought down to 6.5. The Taiwan earthquake caused buildings to sway for about 20 seconds and no reported damage by the quake.

Taiwan earthquake was stuck at exactly 10:59 in the morning (local GMT time). Quake was measured in 195 miles or 295 kilometers from Tai-tung City with depth of 6.2 miles or 10 kilometers that is located at the southern portion of Taiwan.

Aside from the typhoons, Taiwan also normally rattles by earthquakes but no damage at all which just passed by to a small country. The most disastrous earthquake that struck Taiwan came during the year 1999. This was a 7.6 magnitude earthquake that hit central Taiwan and killed a total number of 2,300 people. Taiwan, along with the Philippines, sit on top of the Pacific Ring of Fire and because of this, seismic and volcanic activities are often experienced by the two neighboring countries.
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