Wednesday, April 21

To Prevent Counterfeiting, US Revealed New $100 Bill

Source Now Public -- Today, a new version of the $100 bill was unveiled by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. To prevent counterfeiting, the features new security measures.

Following are the significant new security features for the $100 bill:
  • 3-D security ribbon to the right of Benjamin Franklin's face
  • An image of the Liberty Bell in the inkwell, located on the bottom center of the bill
  • A second picture of Ben Franklin, as a watermark on the far right of the front of the bill
  • Color-shifting properties in the "100"on the front and back of the bill, so it shifts between green and gold depending upon which angle it is viewed
$100 bill security features and all, will be circulated in February 2011. When the $20 was revamped, counterfeit versions were on the street before the genuine version had a chance to enter circulation.

Should you encounter a newly-redesigned $500 or $1000, don't accept it: the $100 has been the largest legal denomination printed by the Treasury since 1969.
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