Wednesday, April 21

TV Series "24": The Movie Talks Up

Kiefer Sutherland discussed the progress of a movie based on his hit TV series "24" as per recent interview,

Kiefer Sutherland sais that the script of the movie has already been completed, with the action taking place outside of America. If the first movie proves popular with audiences, the star hints at the possibility of sequels. He is set to reprise his role as super agent Jack Bauer in the big screen adaptation.

He added and admitted there will be major structural changes to the format of the TV series. "The film will be a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day." "So all of a sudden, the restrictions of the real-time aspect are lifted, which is huge."

"To put it in context, in the series, every crisis had to come to us, because we couldn't move. Who wants to see Jack Bauer sit on a plane for four hours? Sutherland went on that explaination on how this change in format will benefit the scope of the story.

"But in the format of the film, it will be very feasible to go from Eastern Europe to London in the space of 24 hours, so all of a sudden there is so much more latitude. The skies have opened up!"

On May 24, it will be aired the two-hour series finale of "24" season 8.
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