Saturday, May 1

Floyd Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley Weigh-In

On the weight-in, Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley faced off one last time before they’ll engage in battle tomorrow night (May 1) in the MGM Grand for the welterweight title.

Fans at the weigh-in slightly favored Mosley, who looked great coming right in at 147 despite his last fight being in January 2009.

Came in at 146 pounds, Mayweather was well-defined, and without having to worry about a catchweight like his last fight.

Shane Mosley was the first to step on the scale for the weigh-in. Mosley’s official weight was 147 lbs.

Floyd Mayweather was the second on the scales and his weight was 146 lbs.
There were over 6,000 fans in attendance, and they had to shut down the doors to prevent more fans from coming in. Plenty of big name boxers both past and present were on hand as well. ESPN televised the weigh-in live, and also showed a live video stream of the entire affair.

There wasn’t much trash-talking, as both men are likely well aware the hype has run its course.
Now that you’ve seen the weigh-in, read all the interviews, and reviewed their previous, who is going to win the May 1 showdown?
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