Wednesday, May 5

Goes on Public the Patient Undergone Spanish Face-Transplant

According to the local media in Spain, the second person receive a face transplant left hospital last Tuesday. The patient spent 14 weeks in the Hospital "Universitario Virgin de Rocio" in the Spanish city of Seville. He identified with his first name as Rafael who undergone face transplant on January 26.

Rafael operations took and lasted for 30 hours, was carried out after a year of practice and preparation which involved testing on donated corpses and three-dimensional simulations.

He suffered from benign tumors which had covered up to two thirds of his face, became the second person in Spain to undergo a face transplant. Spain carried out its first surgery of this kind in 2009.

Dr. Gonzalez Padilla, director of the Facial Surgery Clinical Unit at the hospital, he said that he was delighted with the patient's progress.

Dr. Padilla says "He has been able to recover feeling in his lips, on his cheeks, he can tell the difference between cold and heat, and he has even been able to shave."

Padilla added that the patient "wishes to be able to carry on with a normal life, and he wishes to be able to do so in privacy."

There was another Spanish hospital announced last month that it had performed the world's first complete face transplant on a man who survived a shooting accident five years ago.
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