Saturday, May 1

Killer of Michelle O’Keefe Convicted After 10 Years

Almost 10 years before is till today in news because the case inspires arguments even years subsequent to kill. The kill of Michelle O’Keefe, who was 18 years old.

OKeefe gave out in the America Navy for about 5 years in the positioned at Naval Station in San Diego as well as at MCRD in San Diego, where Michelle O'Keefe performed the task as a Dental Assistant.

In February 2000, a security guard whose name is Raymond Lee Jennings, took life of Michelle O’Keefe at a Palmdale park-and-ride group. The long lawful fight of Michelle O’Keefe’s kill finished in December, 2009, as the previous defense protector Raymond Lee Jennings blamed of deadly gun firing on Michelle O’Keefe, lastly had criminal.

In second year (February 2002), the youthful cheerleader Michelle O’Keefe was gone through a friend at the Palmdale, California park-and-ride as well as was went into in her Ford Mustang, when this was the final time anybody watched Michelle O’Keefe living.

As the police force reported, a little bit after 9pm, Michelle O’Keefe was gunshot four times in the driver’s place as well as the single human being on the sight was Raymond Lee Jennings. Actually, Raymond Lee Jennings was the initial person to inform the Michelle O’Keefe’s loss. Subsequent to a full investigation police officers were suspicious of the each time altered account of Raymond Lee Jennings.

Consequently, police forces arrested Raymond Lee Jennings on the date of December 12, 2005 as well as he lastly got criminal of second-degree kill of Michelle O’Keefe in December, 2009.
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