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MOTHER'S DAY 2010, May 9 (Sunday)

Mother's Day is nearly coming. How you will prepare and surprise your mother who loves you the most? Not by traditional presents, such as a bunch of flowers or clothes of famous brands, I believe there're some other choices for your MOTHER.

In a United State Websites (, it provides 10 Extraordinary gifts' for our beloved Mom on Mother's Day. I chose the top 5 from the list such as:

Extraordinary Gift Number 1 - Digital camera
Why she'll love it: Contrary to popular belief, women like gadgets too. Give your mom a use-friendly digital camera and let her record the life of her own or her growing grandchildren. It will make a lot of fun for her daily life.

Extraordinary Gift Number 2 - TV series on DVD
Why she'll love it: Why she'll love it: Box sets of popular TV series are all the rage these days. If you decide to get a set for your mom, her age and interests will play a important role in your decision of which set to buy.

Those DVDs can make your mother re-experience the classic moments of the shows that she loves and also all her associated personal memories

Extraordinary Gift Number 3 - Gardening tools or books
Why she'll love it: Mother's Day just happens to fall in the middle of the springtime, this makes gardening books and accessories great Mother's Day gifts for those moms who love doing gardening in the spare time.

Extraordinary Gift Number 4 - Pilates on DVD
Why she'll love it: Is your mother seeking for some new ways to keep fit and get in shape, but would never be able to fit a class into her busy life?

Then send her a Pilates course on DVD! She can press pause whenever she wants during the exercise, which allows her have enough time to practise.

Extraordinary Gift Number 5 - Ice wine
Why she'll love it: If she likes sweet, fruity wines, she'll love the taste and luxury of a bottle of ice wine.

Plus, drinking some wine everyday can help her prevent vascular diseases.
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