Thursday, May 6

National Nurses Week 2010: Nurses Day

National Nurses Week 2010 "Nurse Day" is upon us again at some hospitals and facilities.

There are many hospitals have forgone the traditional “Nurses Day” or National Nurses Week around the World for the more politically correct “Hospital Week”.

These two celebrations simple for the nurses who cannot do their jobs and responsibilities without the rest of the hospital staff and workers particularly for those people needs acute care setting in a facility.

In January 1974, the decision was made to celebrate the day on 12 May as it is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, who is widely considered the founder of modern nursing. Each year, ICN prepares and distributes the International Nurses' Day Kit. The kit contains educational and public information materials, for use by nurses everywhere.

The U.S. and Canada celebrate their National Nursing Week each year from May 9 to May 15 each year. It was established in the U.S. by President Richard Nixon in 1974.
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