Tuesday, May 4

Picasso "Nu au Plateau" Painting Sold: $106.4 million Dollars

For as single work of world record price, "Nu au Plateau", Pablo Picasso's 1932 portrait of his mistress, sold for 106.4 million dollars in New York's Christie's lasy Tuesday night.

Picasson "Nu au Plateau" painting, more than 1.66 by 1.33 meters, shows Picasso's mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter, both reclining and as a bust. Picasso's profile can be discerned in the blue background.

When it open to sell, the price is between 70 million and 90 million dollars. Six bidders showed interest in the painting. After a fierce round of bidding, Nicholas Hall, an expert at Christie's, took the winning bid by telephone, but declined to say who he was bidding for.

This world auction price breaks the 104.3 million dollar record set three months ago by Alberto Giacometti's "Walking Man I" sculpture at Sotheby's.

Picasso painting "Nu au Plateau" was painted on year 1932, is considered a turning point for Picasso. It was then that he began creating luscious canvases of Marie-Thérèse that were unlike anything he had done before: bigger and more sensual.

The most expensive work of art sold at a public auction remained Van Gogh's Portrait of Dr. Gachet, which was bought in May 1990 for $82.5 million (approx. $138.4 million in CPI-adjusted 2010 US dollars),[6] while Jackson Pollock's No. 5, 1948, which was privately sold for $140 million in 2006 (approx. $151 million in 2010 dollars), remained the most expensive work of art sold overall.
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