Thursday, May 6

Privacy Concerns: Facebook Bug Exposes Personal Chats

According to media reports that the Facebook users discovered last Wednesday a glitch that gave them access to view their friends' chat sessions and pending friends request on the site. This bug prompted the social networking site to briefly take its chat function offline.

Facebook says the company moved to close the security hole quickly the same day and the vulnerability existed "for a limited amount of time." But the incident still arouses privacy concerns among users who feel hard to trust the service to protect their personal information.

Just recently Facebook introduced changes that essentially forced users to choose between making information about their interests available to anyone or removing it altogether.

Ealier this year, another incident happened when Facebook misrouted the private messages of a small number of users.

According to report and Facebook spokesman says "It is important to recognize that no system is perfect and no company avoids errors all of the time," "but we are committed to investigating all mistakes and to learning from them."

Further from spokesman, "We want Facebook to be a place where people can openly discuss issues and express their views, while respecting the rights and feeling of others.

"It is within the terms of the site for users to express their views about a public figure, which includes views about someone who has been convicted of a crime and details related to the crime that are freely available in the media."

Spokesman added "However, bullying and harassment of a private individual is against the terms of use of the site and any content or users found to be in violation will be removed.

"As a community, Facebook is highly self-regulating, and we encourage users to report questionable or offensive content.

"Facebook takes all complaints by users seriously and we have a dedicated team investigating these complaints and comments by users."
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