Saturday, May 1

Read Story: Vera Baker Obama’s First Mistress?

Fact about Vera Baker-Barack Obama cheating scandal according to The Enquirer

News sources revealed an interesting story about a girl named Vera Baker who is potencially the first mistress of President of United State Barack Obama. Weeks passed without mistress stories but this one looks interesting as we’re talking about the president.

After Jesse James, Tiger Woods and others we did not expected to see Barack Obama in such story. Now check the facts that we have now about Vera Baker and Barack Obama spicy story.

Vera Baker was the financial director of Obama’s previous campaign, according to Enquirere they spent a whole night together.

Did Barack Obama cheat Michelle Obama with Vera Baker, if yes this will be the biggest mistress story of 2010. We can check the fact what The Enquirer presented to us. The Anti-Obama Operatives are ready to give away 1 million dollar if somebody can prove the Baker-Obama cheating scandal.
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