Wednesday, May 5

An Update for Google's Search Interface

Google announced last Wednesday to start to roll out a new interface for its search site globally, which it claimed will make online search easier.

You may notice on the re-designed left window of the panel that has quick access to a number of search options and tools. Users can switch between different categories, such as news, images or books, to get search results more relevant to what they are looking for.

In the new interface on the left-hand window, it is powered by search technologies launched earlier by Google in the past three years, Marissa Mayer, the company's vice president of search products and user experience, said in a blog post.

Mayer further says "In addition to the left-hand side changes, we've updated our look and feel in terms of our color palette and our logo. These changes are slight, keeping our page minimalist and whimsical, but make our overall look more modern.".
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