Monday, May 3

Updates: Nashville Tennessee Huge Floods Due To Thuderstorms

Since the floods started with few days in Nashville Tennessee, the infrastructures of the city are bit at a risk of unsafe issues. The city is struggling to recover the damage the calamity has brought upon them. They miscalculated the amount of damage involved and when they saw a clear aerial view of the surroundings, they concluded that the damage was more on a larger scale than they thought.

The best way to recover the lost houses, buildings and other city infrastructures are now being thinking over by the Nasville officials.

According to media reports, there are two (2) more are missing after the tragedy has occurred. Many are listed as dead (At least 11 are dead in Tennessee and four in northern Mississippi), missing or injured after the event and they are in search for a complete number and listing of the names of victims involved. Thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed by flooding and tornados. Hospitals, schools and state buildings also were flooded.

Nashville Tennessee authorities are preparing for more deaths and have evacuated the downtown area and north Nashville where a leaky levee threatened residents and businesses.
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