Thursday, May 6

Who got kicked off 'American Idol': Aaron Kelly Out

Aaron Kelly was the youngest ramaining contestant at the age of 17 in the competition that answers to the question "Who got kicked off in American Idol" and was eliminated from the contest after his performance during the Frank Sinatra theme week.

Aaron Kelly is from the town in Pennsylvania that during competitions before his elimination won the the hearts of many viewers with his smooth voice that seemed to be able to take on so many different styles, and his fresh, young demeanor that served him well with the judges.

The remaining five (5) contestants of American Idol 2010 were also sung the song of Frank Sinatra medly that shows the results of competition last Wednesday including the Lady Gaga performing "Alejandro;" a song sung by this week's mentor, Harry Connick, Jr.; and a medley of Mr. Connick's music sung by the 5 competing singers.

The youngest remaining constestant Aaron Kelly leaves behind the final 4 now remaining in the contest, all older than he is: Crystal Bowersox, Michael Lynche, Lee DeWyze, and Casey James.

Mr. Kelly will no doubt enjoy some future television appearances as the other contestants have who have left the competition. These will likely include an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Late Show With David Letterman.

With the schedule Next week, the theme will return to songs from the movies, and the mentor will be Jamie Foxx.

Aaron Wayne Kelly (born April 2, 1993) is an American singer from Sonestown, Pennsylvania and the fifth place finalist on the ninth season of American Idol. Prior to Idol, he was a finalist on America's Most Talented Kid at age eleven.

Because of the difficult circumstances between his biological parents, Kelly was legally adopted by his aunt and uncle at the age of five, moving to Nashville, Tennessee, and then Sonestown, Pennsylvania.He has sung professionally since the age of nine, performing at festivals and fairs and opening for such acts as Loretta Lynn, Emerson Drive, Bill Anderson and The Marshall Tucker Band. At age 11, he was a finalist on PAX-TV's America's Most Talented Kid.

So who do you think will win American Idol? Will it be Crystal Bowersox, Casey James, Michael Lynche or Lee DeWyze?
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