Friday, April 2

2012 Olympic Tower Unveiled In London

LONDON -- The Mayor of London Boris Johnson unveiled the artist and design chosen to create a tallest tower in the UK on Wednesday, which would act as a spectacular new visitor attraction in the Olympic Park

The dark red 115-meter tower was designed by Turner Prize- winning artist Anish Kapoor. Anish Kapoor said, "I am deeply honored to be invited to undertake this challenging commission. I am particularly attracted to it because of the opportunity to involve members of the public in a particularly close and personal way. It is the commission of a lifetime."
The stunning artwork, to be entitled "The Arcelor Mittal Orbit", will ensure the Olympic Park remains an unrivaled visitor destination following the 2012 Games, providing the key Olympic legacy Mayor of London Boris Johnson envisioned for the East End.

Standing at the tower, it will offer unparalleled views of the entire 250 acres of the Olympic Park and London's skyline from a special viewing platform. Visitors will be able to take a trip up the statuesque structure in a huge lift and will have the option of walking down the spiraling staircase.

Boris Johnson said, "long after the Games over our aim is to have a stunning spectacle in east London that will be recognized around the world. I'm thrilled that when visitors from every corner of the globe plan trips to our must see attractions they will now eagerly include the Arcelor Mittal Orbit."
The 19.1 million pound cost tower will stand in the southern part of the Olympic Park between the Stadium and Aquatics Center and will open in time for the 2012 Games.

After completion, the Olympic Park Legacy Company will take ownership and run the visitor attraction.

Dayton wins NIT, Defeats North Carolina 79-68

Dayton players danced at midcourt and then lingered on ladders as they cut down the nets at Madison Square Garden.

Marcus Johnson scored 20 points and Dayton denied last year's national champs another title, topping the Tar Heels 79-68 Thursday night to win the NIT.

Forgive these Flyers for taking a little extra time to soak it all in. They're not as accustomed to trophy ceremonies as the North Carolina team they had just beaten.

"This game kind of is a capsule of our season," said by Coach Brian Gregory. "Started off great, had some tough times and then just kind of fight through, and ended up very successful at the end."

Thursday, April 1

Participate on the Contest: Football Robot Players

BBC News, UK - The Robotic Football Team will play for Scotland to compete against other countries in the Robocup contest in Turkey next year.
Photo: BBC News - Football Robot Player can make sense of their surroundings and react to the movements of other robot players.

These robots that have been developed by academics at Edinburgh University that can make sense of its surroundings and react to other robot players' movements. Dr Sethu Vijayakumar of Edinburgh University's school of informatics, who developed the robots, he said that "Robocup is a key challenge in robotics research.

Other countries are also making robots to enter the competition.

The Android FC (Robot Players) is made up of a two-foot-high striker, defender and goalkeeper, will compete in the contest in Istanbul, Turkey

Robots are being shown at Edinburgh International Science Festival 2010. Each member of the robot team is fully autonomous and has embedded processors.

Wednesday, March 31

History Channel Special Examines Shroud Of Turin: Real Face of Jesus

A blood-stained linen "The Shroud of Turin" that many believe was the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, has been questioned for centuries on its authenticity. However, new tests are underway to verify it, and the team featured on "The Real Face Of Jesus" has no doubt the Shroud is real.

DIGITAL artists have recreated the face of Jesus - and he's nothing like the man depicted in Renaissance paintings, British reports say.
The 3D image of Christ was made using the Shroud of Turin, the linen sheet believed to have been laid on the body of Jesus in his tomb, London's Daily Telegraph reports.

MAKHACHKALA, Russia: New Suicide Bombings in Southern Russia Kill 12.

MAKHACHKALA, Russia -- Two suicide bombers including one impersonating a police officer killed 12 people in southern Russia on Wednesday.The blasts happened Wednesday in the city of Kizlyar, near the border of Dagestan and Chechnya. This was happened two days after deadly suicide bombings blamed on the region's militants tore through the Moscow subway system.

Photo: Reuters
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Wednesday's blasts in the province of Dagestan may have been organized by the same militants who attacked the Moscow subway.

Russian officials say two suicide bombings in the violence-prone southern republic of Dagestan have killed at least 12 people and wounded 18 others.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Security Forces To Arrest Bombing Militants As Ordered By President Vladimir Putin.

Last Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered security forces to hunt down the organisers of the Metro Subway Station bombings that killed 39.

“But it is now a matter of honour for the security forces to scrape them out from the bottom of the sewers and bring them out into the light of day.” “This will be done,” he added. Putin’s language was strikingly reminiscent of his famous promise in 1999 to strike at rebels even in the “outhouse” which heralded the adoption of tougher tactics by the authorities against Chechen militants. Those comments, made while Putin was prime minister under then president Boris Yeltsin, were seen as instrumental in projecting a tough-guy image that would catapult him to become Russia’s number one.

The two (2) female bombers blew themselves on the attacks in Moscow's Metro Metro Subway Stations whose their body fragments scattered across the two (2) stations. Authorities have linked the attacks to militant groups in Russia’s largely Muslim North Caucasus.

Russia Flags flew at half mast on Government Buildings and television channels cancelled entertainment programmes. “We know that they (the organisers) are lying low,” Putin said in comments broadcast on state television.

Tuesday, March 30

Shooting in Washington D.C.: Three (3) Dead As Reported

Photo: Chief Cathy Lanier, blue jacket, second from left, and other police attend to the scene of a multiple shooting with fatalities on South Capitol Street in Southeast Washington, March 30, 2010. (AP/Washington Post)

Washington D.C. (AP) - D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Arrest 3, found one (1) Gun. Shooters had no motive, the Washington Post reported that police pursued a van from the scene, aided by a helicopter. Four police officers were slightly injured during a pursuit of a suspect's vehicle.

According to report from D.C. Metropolitan Police officers, they responded to the 4000 block of South Capitol Street SE after a 911 call came in at 7.27 p.m. local time. Shootings of six men and three women happened at South Eastern Washington. The Fire Department spokesman Pete Piringer says all the victims were in their 20s and 30s, except for one teenager.

The shooting killed three (3) people. One shooting victim died at the scene, one was dead on arrival at the hospital, and the third died in the operating room, said Carolyn Hammond, spokeswoman for Washington Hospital Center.

In Peru - A Traffic Cam Captures Auto Crash On Road

March 30, Associated Press (AP) - A traffic camera in Chimbote, Peru captures a dramatic crash as a vehicle strikes a utility pole in the median. Authorities say alcohol was a factor in the accident, and the driver and three passengers were injured.

Moscow (Russia) Grieves as Subway Station Blast Death Climbed to 39

Moscow, Russia (March 30, 2010) - As of today and according to report, death toll rises to 39, after a woman died in a clinic overnight. Five of the 71 people still in the hospital are in critical condition, according to the local media, and only eight bodies have been formally identified.

Kremlin's flags down to half-staff today as Russians lay flowers and candles in Moscow Subway Stations a day after two (2) suicide bombers pulled off the worst attack on Russia's capital in years.

March 30 is announced as the official day of mourning across Russia. TV stations have suspended advertisements with happy jingles and shuffled entertainment shows. Services are being held at churches across Russia.

Last Monday two female suicide bombers detonated belts of explosives packed with shards of metal at central Moscow,Russia subway stations during the morning rush hour, a preliminary investigation found. No one claimed responsibility for the attacks, but officials blamed Muslim militants from the North Caucasus, an area between the Black and Caspian seas where some residents want independence from Russia. The region includes Chechnya, where rebels and Russian troops have been fighting for nearly 20 years.

Laying a wreath at one of the bombing sites, President Dmitry Medvedev called the perpetrators beasts. "We will find and destroy them all," he said.

Monday, March 29

In Moscow Subway, Double-Suicide Bombing Kills 37

Source: The Associate Press, The Salt Lake Tribune, BBC
Photo (AP): Deadly attacks at at Lubyanka Metro Station

Blasts from MOSCOW are from two (2) females suicide bombers whose blew themselves up Monday in twin-attack on Moscow subway stations jam-packed with rush-hour passengers, killing at least 37 people and wounding 65, officials said. They blamed the carnage on rebels from the Caucasus region.

Blasts are come six years after Caucasus Islamic separatists carried out a pair of deadly Moscow subway strikes and raise concerns that the war has once again come to Russia's capital, amid militants' warnings of a renewed determination to push their fight.

The Chechen Rebels is claiming responsibility for a deadly bombing late last year on a passenger train en route from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Last month, Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov warned in an interview on a rebel-affiliated Web site that "the zone of military operations will be extended to the territory of Russia ... the war is coming to their cities."

Before 8 a.m. the first explosion took place at the Lubyanka station in central Moscow. The station is underneath the building that houses the main offices of the Federal Security Service, the KGB's main successor agency.

Then, after about 45 minutes, a second explosion hit the Park Kultury station, which is near the renowned Gorky Park.

"I heard a bang, turned my head and smoke was everywhere. People ran for the exits screaming," said 24-year-old Alexander Vakulov, who said he was on a train on the platform opposite the targeted train at Park Kultury.

"I saw a dead person for the first time in my life," said 19-year-old Valentin Popov, who had just arrived at the station from the opposite direction.

Sunday, March 28

Duke "Blue Devils" Defeats Baylor (Scored Board: 78 - 71) Makes it to NCAA Final Four

After beating Baylor, the DUke "Blue Devils" joining on 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four with Butler, West Verginia and Michigan Street. Duke have 22 offensive rebounds, leading to 23 second-chance points, in a 78-71 victory in the NCAA South Regional championship game.

NCAA Basketball Tournament and Final Four 2010 Teams Update: Butler and West Virginia Makse Move To Fina Four

According to AP, Butler University is the first school to play in a Final Four in its home city since UCLA in 1972.

Butler and West Virginia move on to Final Four. Therefore, Two of the four teams for the 2010 NCAA Tournament final round have been decided: West Virginia and no. 5 seed Butler.

The next game is scheduled to begin at 7:30 EST on CBS. It will be played between West Virgina and Kentucky. Wow, this march madness become an unexpected event for everyone. Well, we will find out the outcome of the next game very soon and keep you posted about it.

The 2010 Men's NCAA Final Four will be played April 3rd & 5th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. The 2010 Final Four will be the first Final Four held at Lucas Oil Stadium, but the 5th time the city of Indianapolis has hosted the college basketball championship.

2010 UFC 111 Main Event Result of St Pierre versus Hardy Fight: Five Rounds via Unanimous Decision - Georges "RUSH" St. Pierre Retains UFC Welterweight Belt

Georges "RUSH" St. Pierre retains his belt as the UFC WelterWeight Champion via unanimour decision on fight to Dan Hardy at the Main Event UFC 111, March 27, 2010. Despite of gutsy effort shows by Dan Hardy, England's fighter Georges St. Pierre has defended hie UFC Welterewieght Championship for the four (4) time on a shoutot unanimous five (5) rounds decision over his British Challenger Dan "The OUTLAW" Hardy.

New record of Georges "Rush" St. Pierre is 20-2-0 in Ultimate Fighter Champions.
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