Saturday, April 10

Google's Search Stories Video Creator

This is now your chances to tell a story of your own. Google introduces a new feature called the “Search Stories Video Creator“. And damn if it isn’t fun. The new feature prompts you to input up to seven search queries spread across Google’s search features (including Images, Maps, and standard web search), choose a song, and it generates a video in the same style as Google’s other Search Stories.
It will only takes few minutes to do your story and the tool automatically uploads your video to YouTube when you’re ready. And while there are plenty of parodies already out there, we can expect a whole lot more of them to pop up in the next few days.

13-Year-Old Kid will Climb Mount Everest

This 13-year-old American boy will succeed in his bid to climb Mount Everest, he has modest ambitions - pick a small piece of rock from the top of the world as a memento and wear it in a necklace.
"I will not sell it; I will not give it to anyone. It is something for myself to say 'this is a rock from the summit'," Jordan Romero from California, told Reuters in Kathmandu. He is due to leave for the mountain on Sunday.

If he able to do it, Romero will become the youngest climber to scale the 8,850 metres (29,035 feet) Everest summit. Currently a 16-year-old Nepali boy, Temba Tsheri Sherpa, holds the record of being the world's youngest climber of Mount Everest.

Polish President Among 97 Dead In Russia Jet Crash

Moscow, Associated Press – Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife died Saturday along with 95 others when their plane crashed while coming in for a landing in western Russia, officials said.
"The Polish presidential plane did not make it to the runway while landing. Tentative findings indicate that it hit the treetops and fell apart," Sergei Anufriev said on state news channel Rossiya-24. "Nobody has survived the disaster."

Rossiya-24 showed footage from the crash site, with pieces of the plane scattered widely amid leafless trees and small fires burning in the woods.

The cause of the crash was not immediately clear, but reports said there was considerable fog in the area.

The Polish foreign ministry confirmed that Kaczynski and his wife were aboard the plane.

The head of Russia's top investigative body, Sergei Markin, said there were a total of 97 people on the plane, a Tu-154.

Polish President's Plane Crashes in Russia; 87 Die

Associated Press -- Officials say a plane carrying Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife has crashed in western Russia and that at least 87 people have been killed.

According to Russia, Moscow Media, the plane carrying the Polish president, Lech Kaczynski, and his wife crashed in western Russia on Saturday morning, and there were no survivors.

A spokeswoman for the emergency management ministry said on Russian television that the plane, a Tupolev 154, crashed as it was landing in Smolensk, and 87 people on board had died.

Mr. Kaczynski had been due in western Russia to commemorate the anniversary of the murder of thousands of Polish officers by the Soviet Union at the beginning of World War II.

Friday, April 9

Raabe, 'Wizard of Oz' Munchkin actor, dies at 94

Meinhardt Raabe, who played the Munchkin coroner in "The Wizard of Oz" and proclaimed in the movie that the Wicked Witch of the East was "really most sincerely dead," has died. He was 94.

His caregiver, Cindy Bosnyak, said Raabe - pronounced RAH'-bee - died Friday morning at a hospital in Orange Park, Fla. He was one of the few surviving Munchkins from the 1939 film.

Bosnyak said he complained of a sore throat at his retirement community before collapsing and going into cardiac arrest. He was taken to Orange Park Medical Center, where he later died, she said.

"He had a headful of hair at 94 and he ... remembered everything everyday," she said. "To me he was a walking history book, very alert."

Is Jason Winters be the 9th husband of Elizabeth Taylor's?

Jason Winters is 49 years old and a businessman and Oscar award-winning actress Elizabeth Taylor at her 78 years old who reported gotten engaged accordong to the source close to the couple.

As reported in site, an insider shared, “It’s no secret that they’ve been together forever and are in love, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they were engaged. Right now they are keeping it between them. She didn’t think she’d fall in love again, but since Jason came into her life that has all changed.”

Elizabeth Tarlor have been married eight (8) times to her ex-husbands, Conrad Hilton (1950-51), Michael Wilding (1952-57), Mike Todd (1957-58), Eddie Fisher (1959-64), Richard Burton (1964-74 and again in 1975-76), Sen. John Warner (1976-82), Larry Fortensky (1991-96)

Taylor has 2 kids with Wilding, one with Todd, and one with Burton.

Copacabana Beach (Rio de Janiero) Smashed By Swelling Seawater

People stand on a bench and run to escape from the swelling seawater at the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 9, 2010. Sidewalk and the Atlantic Avenue near the Copacabana beach were soaked because of the swelling of the seawater on Friday afternoon.

Thailand Court Approves Arrest Of Major "Red-Shirt" Leaders

As reported by Thai News Agency, Thailand's criminal court on Friday approved to issue arrest warrants against three core leaders include Veera Musikapong, Nattawut Saikua and Jatuporn Prompan of anti-government protesters known as "red-shirts" who caused the shutdown of the Rathchaprasong Intersection, a major commercial area in the capital Bangkok.
Last Wednesday, rhe latest move followed the criminal court's Thursday approval of issuance of arrest warrants against seven other "red-shirt" leaders, who led the protesters to siege and storm the parliament compound.

New arrest warrants were delivered as Nattahwut led the " red-shirts" to stage a rally at ThaiCom satellite station in central province of Pathum Thani, demanding the government to reopen the broadcast of red-shirts' People TV satellite channel which has been blocked since Thursday morning.

The "red shirts" also urged the government to withdraw security forces deployed inside the satellite station.

Sudanese Town: 'The Hungriest Place on Earth' -- Akobo, Suddan

U.N. mission in Sudan is warning of a food crisis in the south, with failed rains and tribal clashes laying the foundation for a humanitarian crisis. Skeletal children and elderly people who are too weak to walk tell of impending tragedy.

Akobo is a town in south-eastern Sudan. Located in Jonglei state, with a population of approximately 3000. Akobo County has clinic which built in 1911 and hospital which was built in 1976-1983. Akobo has one intermediate high and three primary schools.

Akobo was the site of a massacre of 185 women and children in August 2009.

Thursday, April 8

Death Toll From Rio Storm Rises To 175

Mayor of Niteroi, Jorge Roberto Silveira, declared a state of calamity on Thursday. The entire Rio de Janeiro state has been in official mourning since Tuesday.

The severe floods and muslides caused by the storm have injured 161 people and left some 15,000 people homeless. About 3,200 homeless were taken to shelters in churches and schools.


It is now consider that the popular social networking will come to way of China's Internet Market as per report today.
Accoring to Facebook spokesman, palo Alto social media king is "interested in China, just as we are many other countries, and while we are studying and learning about them all, we have no specific plans for China at this time." Last 2007, the domain was registered.

This popular social networking has more than 400 million users around the world, about 70 percent from outside the U.S.
As per report of China Internet Network Information Center at the end of 2009, China had 384 million Web users, the most of any nation.

New Pre-Human Species Offers Evolutionary Clues

Handout photo released April 8, 2010 shows a cranium forming part of the holotype skeleton of Australopithecus sediba from the Malapa site in South Africa -- Reuters/Photo by Brett Eloff courtesy of Lee Berger and the University of the Witwatersrand/Handout 

According to Scientists, the skeletons found in a South African Cave which study shows belong to the unclassified species of pre-human from almost 2,000,000 years and may shed light on human evolution.

Those fossils of the bones are belong to a young male and adult female suggest the newly documented species, called Australopithecus sediba, walked upright and shared many physical traits with the earliest known human Homo species.

On the study and finding of the pre-human, or hominid, fossils which scientists say are between 1.78 and 1.95 million years old -- was published in the journal Science and may answer some key questions about where humans came from.

Wednesday, April 7

Mudslide Victims In Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, Dig By Rescuers

The body of a 9-year-old boy out of the landslide debris in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 7, 2010.The rainstorm has claimed 105 victims as of the early afternoon on Wednesday, as reported on the latest release from the local fire department.
A man stranded under debris in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 7, 2010. And later, the rescuers relieve the man as shown on the pictures.

Storm in Southeastern Brazil At Least 95 People Died

RIO DE JANEIRO -- According to authorities, there are about 95 people died, 106 were injured and 1,410 were left homeless in a storm that devastated Brazil's SE state of Rio de Janeiro since Monday evening.
The caused of the deaths are mostly due to mudslides as as many shantytowns, where the poorer population lives, are located on hills.

Most likely the death toll may rise in the next few hours because of the some people are remain missing.

Raining in the region happens in less than 24 hours which the rainfall reaches 288 millimeters, and as said by the Eduardo Paes (Mayor of the state's capital city Rio de Janeiro), its surpassed the previous record of 245 millimeters registered in 1966.

Rivers and streams overflowed, flooding over 60 areas.

Tuesday, April 6

Rising Water Temperatures In U.S. Streams, Rivers: New Study Shows

WASHINGTON -- According to a press release issued Tuesday by the University of Maryland, research by a team of ecologists and hydrologists have shown that water temperatures are increasing in many streams and rivers throughout the United States,

It was published in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, documents that 20 major U.S. streams and rivers which includes such prominent rivers as the Colorado, Potomac, Delaware, and Hudson that have shown statistically significant long-term warming.

"Warming waters can impact the basic ecological processes taking place in our nation's rivers and streams," said Sujay Kaushal of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and lead author of the study. "Long-term temperature increases can impact aquatic biodiversity, biological productivity, and the cycling of contaminants through the ecosystem."

As analyzed and reported, the historical records from 40 sites located throughout the United States, the research team found that annual mean water temperatures increased by 0.009-0.077 Celsius degree per year. Long-term increases in stream water temperatures were typically correlated with increases in air temperatures, and rates of warming were most rapid in urbanized areas.

The analysis indicates that 20 of the 40 streams studied showed statistically significant long term warming trends, while an additional 13 showed temperature increases that were not statistically significant. Two rivers showed significant temperature decreases. The longest record of increase was observed for the Hudson River. The most rapid rate of increase was recorded for the Delaware River.

Major Earthquake Of 7.8 Magnitude ROcked The Northwestern Coast Of The Indonesian Island Of Sumatra

Photo: A major earthquake of 7.8 magnitude shook the northwestern coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the U.S. Geological Survey said on Tuesday.

Indonesia Quake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale struck off the Northern Sumatra, Indonesia, at 6:15 a.m. Wednesday (Beijing Time), according to the China Earthquake Administration.

Depth of the Earthquake is about 33 kilometers, the quake's epicenter lay in 2.4 degrees north latitude and 97.1 degrees east longitude, according to the administration.

At least five aftershocks measuring up to a magnitude of 5.2 were recorded.

According to the Governor of the northern Sumatra province of Aceh, Irwandi Yusuf, "So far no damage or casualties have been reported and the situation is under control".

Right Photo (AP): Residents flee their homes after an earthquake in Banda Aceh on Sumatra island, Indonesia on Wednesday. A 7.7 earthquake shook the island early Wednesday, prompting a brief tsunami warning

Duke wins 2010 NCAA Title In 61-59 Thriller Over Butler

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Buzzer went off. Where it landed would be the difference between a shining moment for one team, a tearstained loss for another. Butler forward Gordon Hayward's halfcourt shot hit backboard, then rim, then barely careened out. Duke beat Butler 61-59 on Monday night. What a game! And what a way to end the season, even if America's favorite underdog came up a little short.

Duke's Gordon Hayward seized the last-chance, half-court gasp hit the backboard and barly front-rimmed out with the buzzer sounding.

Duke's big three -- Singler, Jon Scheyer and Nolan Smith — led them again. Singler drained silky jumpers out of intricate sets, Scheyer capped a dynamic senior year with 15 points and Smith played steadily and scored 13. Zoubek proved a terror on the boards, with 11 rebounds and made the game’s best defensive play.
Butler -- with the disparity in traditions, budgets and name recognition -- represented the best of the tournament. However, Duke outslugged scrappy Butler, which had won 25 consecutive games, in a tense, edge-of-your-couch game with 5 ties, 15 lead changes and 2 potentially game-winning shots by Butler that caromed out in the final five seconds.

"This was a great basketball game," said the Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski. "I want to congratulate an amazing Butler team. We played a great game and they played a great game."

Memorable, for the way both teams battled, never giving an inch, or giving in on a single possession.

"It will become an historic game, a benchmark game," Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said. "Not just the way it was played, but who played in it and what comes about."

"I can't really put it into words because the last couple of plays were just not normal," said Duke's Kyle Singler, who scored 19 points and was named the Final Four's most outstanding player.

Monday, April 5

World's Largest Toothpick City Of 3.5 Millions Toothpicks

Stan Munro, a former TV anchor, spent five years building the world's largest toothpick city, Toothpick City II: Temples and Towers, with 3.5 million toothpicks.(Photo: CRI Online)
The "architect" has finished various kinds of buildings with toothpicks. The Toothpick City II contains replicas of 40 world-famous religious architectures and towers, including the world's tallest Khalifa Tower in Dubai and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, China.
Stan plans to receive the Guinness certificate of the world's largest toothpick architecture in July.

Graphic Video Shows U.S. Pilot Firing On Reuters' Iraqi Staffers

Taken from the video released Monday shows men gathering on a Baghdad street on July 12, 2007, shortly before they were fired upon. (Photo source:

The Web site revealed a graphic video on Monday showing U.S. forces firing repeatedly on people along a Baghdad street last July 12, 2007.

This video shows military personnel aboard the Apaches indicating they spot the suspects toting several AK-47s and several RPG's. But WikiLeaks contends that the Reuters photographers were only carrying cameras, which the military mistook for weapons.

According to, the attack victims included Reuters photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen, 22, and his assistant and driver Saeed Chmagh, 40. The identities of the other casualties are unknown.

A senior U.S. military official on Monday confirmed as authentic a gritty war video that shows U.S. forces firing repeatedly on people along a Baghdad street.

The senior military official confirmed that the video posted Monday at was of a 2007 incident in the New Baghdad District of eastern Baghdad. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the video and a Pentagon investigation have never been released.

"At this time, we are working to verify the source of the video, its veracity, and when or where it was recorded," a statement from U.S. military headquarters in Iraq said late Monday.

it obtained the video "as well as supporting documents from a number of military whistleblowers.", WikiLeaks said.

David Schlesinger, Reuters' editor-in-chief, said the video released by WikiLeaks showed the deaths of Noor-Eldeen and Chmagh were "tragic and emblematic of the extreme dangers that exist in covering war zones."

As reported, Reuters has pressed the U.S. military to conduct a full and objective investigation into the killing of the two staff.

Space Shuttle Discovery Launches On One of Last Missions

Space Shuttle Discovery and seven (7) Astronauts lifts off on Monday on one of NASA's final servicing missions to the International Space Station.

A brilliant flash of light and a thundering roar, the shuttle lifted off at 6:21 a.m. EDT (1021 GMT) shattering the predawn calm around the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The launch marked the start of NASA's 131st shuttle mission and Discovery was scheduled to reach the space station on Wednesday for a nine-day stay.

"The vehicle is clean, weather is good and this team is ready. It is time for you to rise to orbit. Good luck and Godspeed," launch director Pete Nickolenko radioed to the Discovery crew shortly before liftoff.

"Let's do it," replied commander Alan Poindexter. "We'll see you in a few weeks."

Discovery is carrying an Italian-built cargo hauler filled with equipment, experiments, food and supplies for the space station, which has been under construction about 220 miles (355 km) above Earth since 1998.

Latest: China - 114 Survivors Rescued From Flooded Coal Mine, 39 Still Trapped

XIANGNING, Shanxi -- More than 100 survivors are expected to be rescued from the flooded Wangjialing coal mine. A total of 88 survivors had been taken out of the shaft by 1:27 PM, Monday.

"Rescuers are continuing the search for 39 trapped miners. The rescue work is still challenging," said Wang Jun, governor of Shanxi.

According to Rescuers Headquarters, there are already taken out 114 miners from the flooded Wangjialing Coal Mine in north China's Shanxi Province by Monday afternoon, nine days after the accident occurred.

Survivors with clothes covering on their eyes are being lifted out by rescuers.

Lou Lin (who is waiting at the pit entrance), head of the State Administration of Work Safety said that "It is a miracle in China's mining rescue history," .

As statement of Shanxi Party chief Zhang Baoshun,"Scientific methods and technology used in the rescue have ensured the survivors rescued alive after being trapped underground for a week,".

Sunday, April 4

Update: Earthquake in Baja California, Mexico, Upgraded To 7.2 Magnitude

MEXICO CITY -- As reported by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), a strong 7.2-magnitude earthquake shaked Mexico's Baja California State, and was also felt in the Southwestern corner of the United States.

The earthquake happened at 5:40 p.m. local time (2240 GMT) with a depth of 10 km, USGS said. Epicenter was some 26 km south-southwest of Guadalupe Victoria, 173km east-southeast of Tijuana, bordering the U.S. city of San Diego, California.

No reported of electricity cuts or noticeable movement of buildings in Mexico. Still no more details are available due to communications failure.

The civil protection service in Baja California said that no massive damage or casualties were reported at the moment, and assessment was still underway.

But major damage was feared, as the quake was not far from a population center, said a source with the National Seismological Institute.

Identity of Second Female Bomber Struck Moscow Unveiled

According to Russian Media, 20-year-old Markha Ustarkha-nova from Chechnya, was named by the news agency, Kommersant. She was the widow of a militant leader killed last October while preparing to assassinate Kremlin-backed Chechen President, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Ealier the russian investigators identified the other bomber as a 17-year-old female from the North Caucasus, who was also the widow of a slain Islamist rebel.

In Russia, female suicide bombers from the North Caucasus are referred to as "black widows" because many of them are the wives, or relatives, of militants killed by security forces.

Death toll from Monday's subway bombings climbed up to 40 on Friday, after a man died in the hospital from his injuries.

Latest Update, Baghdad Bombings: 33 Killed In Iraq As Bombers Target Foreign Embassies.

Photo:Suicide car bomb blasts damaged houses that are seen near the Iranian Embassy to Iraq in Baghdad, capital of Iraq on April 4, 2010. Three suicide car bomb explosions targeted the Iranian Embassy, the consulate office of the Egyptian Embassy and the residence of the German ambassador in Baghdad on SundayBAGHDAD, Iraq -- Violence killed as many as 33 people and wounded more than 200 in Iraq on Sunday, as Iraqi political factions are struggling to form a new government almost a month after the nation-wide parliamentary election.

This is a deadliest that was witnessed in the day from three (3) suicide bombers detonated car bombs within minutes of each other targeting foreign embassies, killing 30 people and wounding 224 others, this includes security forces, said an Interior Ministry source.

Those three (3) suicide bombers struck the Iranian embassy, the consulate office of the Egyptian embassy and the residence of German ambassador in central and western Baghdad in a coordinated attack following mortar attacks on Baghdad's fortified Green Zone.

According to report, the first suicide bomber blew up an explosive-laden car near the residence of the German ambassador in Baghdad's western district of Mansour at about 11:15 a.m. local time (0815 GMT), the Interior Ministry source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

Explosion destroyed the residence and also caused severe damages to nearby buildings, including the Spanish and the Syrian embassies, said the source.

Second blast occurred about two minutes later when another suicide bomber detonated his explosive-packed car near the Egyptian consulate office in the same district, destroying several houses and caused damages to the office building, the source said.

There is One of the Iraqi guards of the Egyptian consulate was among the killed and four others were wounded by the blast that left a crater at about five meters wide, the source added.

And last similar attack took place at about 11:20 a.m. (0820 GMT) outside the Iranian embassy and the Mansour-Melia Hotel which is close to the heavily fortified Green Zone that houses Iraqi government offices and foreign embassies.

Titan Statue Unveiled In Senegal: A controversial $27m Giant Monument

There has been opposition in Senegal to a giant statue overlooking the capital, Dakar.

The bronze monument of a man, woman and child, which is higher than the Statue of Liberty, is being unveiled to mark the country's 50th anniversary of independence.

Senegal has inaugurated a massive $27m (£18m) monument - higher than the Statue of Liberty - that has drawn huge criticism over its cost and symbolism.

The 49m (160ft) Monument of African Renaissance has been unveiled in Dakar as the highlight of the nation's 50th anniversary of independence.

Baghdad Suicide Car bombings - 30 Killed, 168 Injured In

Three car bombs rocked Baghdad this morning, in a co-ordinated attack that shattered a period of relative calm in the city.
A massive explosion took place at about 11:15 a.m.(0815 GMT) in central Mansour district near the Kabab Ninwa restaurant, and another blast followed in two minutes at an intersection located some 300 meters away from the first one.

One was outside the Iranian Embassy in Karadat Mariam district, about 1km west of the International Zone, a second was in al-Ruad Square, in the western Mansour district, and a third was outside the German Embassy, also in Mansour, in a street that has many other embassies.
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